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Direct Insurance Network helped us get an amazing deal on our Orlando general liability insurance, and we have since referred our family and friends to them as well. They took great care of us and we highly recommend them! - Roger T., Orlando 

Your Orlando business is taking on some new responsibilities and it’s important that you are protecting the assets and revenue you’ve earned.  If your business isn’t currently insured, it’s time to speak with someone today.  You may be under the impression as a business owner or manager that the property coverage that you have at your primary location of business will be satisfactory should an accident arise.  This is likely incorrect.  Property insurance doesn’t have the same amendments that general liability insurance covers.  Because of this, there’s likely gaps in your coverage that would be required to be paid out of pocket.

No one wants to be faced with large out of pocket costs or litigation.  General liability insurance for those in our Orlando area is created to protect business owners from situations that may arise from accidents that are not foreseen.  While you may believe it’s unlikely for you to be the recipient of such misfortune, most individuals and businesses fail to prepare for an event that would be catastrophic in nature.  General liability insurance protects you and your organization in the even that on the property there is an accident or injury.  While most would like to ignore this risk, the business men who know how to weather the storm understand that insurance is an integral part of reinforcing the financial cornerstones of the organization.

Direct Insurance Network exists to provide you with the protection you need for general liability.  We are able to connect you with the coverage you need with one simple phone call.  With additional protection, you will have peace of mind in regards to your financials.  Creating a healthy wallet starts with anticipating potential obstacles along the way.  With general liability insurance your business will have your back for the long haul.

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At Direct Insurance Network we care about our customers experience.  As business owners ourselves, we understand the hardships that you’ve had to endure.  Our staff is trained to provide you with the best rate and coverage possible which equates to the highest possible value.  When you speak to one of our licensed agents, we will review with you exactly how your business operates so that we can help find a plan that fits your needs perfectly.  We customize our plans for our clients.  Whether you have a large factory or retail store, we have the perfect protection to keep you from having to pay out of pocket in the event of something unexpected

Contact Direct Insurance Network today to ensure that your Orlando business has the right coverage for the right events.  Keep in mind that these unforeseen instances can bankrupt small businesses.  For a rate that fits your business’ budget you can avoid the hassle of legal issues and allow a professional take that role on if the situation should arise.  Our agents are ready to find the right rate and right protection for you today.