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medicare advantage plans floridaIf you have Medicare, you are well aware that not all of your medical needs are covered with the standard red, white, and blue card. Medicare Advantage Plans offer additional coverage that might not be provided through standard Medicare.

The extra coverage that is offered by Medicare Advantage Plans have various benefits and advantages. In addition, most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage, which is known as Part D. In addition to your regular Part B Medicare premium, you will pay a premium for the Medicare Advantage Plan.

What is Covered by a Medicare Advantage Plan?

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Medicare Advantage plans cover all standard Medicare services except hospice care. However, you need to be aware that Medicare Advantage plans can choose whether or not they want to cover services that are not considered medically necessary by Medicare. These plans are however required to cover urgent or emergency care that is medically necessary.

Most people who receive Social Security benefits and who are enrolled in Medicare pay $109 per month on average for the standard Medicare coverage. If a service is deemed not medically necessary and the Medicare Advantage plan refuses to cover the cost, you can always appeal the decision.

If you are unsure about a medical procedure you are going to have done, you should request an advance coverage decision to make sure the insurance company believes it is medically necessary and will cover the cost for you. There are several different kinds of Medicare Advantage plans. When choosing a plan, you need to make sure your doctors are in the network.

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