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Parkland Commercial Insurance
Protecting my business was one of the smartest decisions that I ever made.  Leaving your business exposed to risk and uncertainties is foolish and so often overlooked.  I spoke to Direct Insurance Network and they educated me on all the options.  Their prices are very competitive but their customer service is the best I've ever seen.  Definitely give them a call, you will not be disappointed. - Allied Corp, Parkland, Florida Five Star Rating


Protect your Business against Damage with Parkland Commercial Insurance

Accidents with businesses are more common than you might think. As a business owner, you must ensure a financial safety net if something goes wrong with your property. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot control accidents, but a great alternative is a financial coverage with Parkland commercial insurance.


What do our Commercial Insurance Policies Include?

Commercial building damages can be devastating for business owners. It's because these professionals don't know how to handle thousands of dollars in damage suddenly.

Therefore, professionals for Parkland commercial insurance policies have the most versatile solutions designed for commercial property owners. With our commercial insurance, you get coverage for the following:

  • Company building
  • Outdoor fences and signage
  • On-site equipment
  • Inventory
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Computers
  • Business records

With such comprehensive insurance, you will have the financial coverage you deserve if something goes wrong. Our professionals provide tailored solutions for our clients to ensure their commercial properties are safe and maintained.


Commercial Insurance Parkland

What are the Types of Commercial Insurance Policies?

Since there are various commercial buildings you can choose from, there are various commercial insurance policies you can use.

1.Property & Casualty

Property and casualty is a broad term that covers a variety of commercial accidents that your property may be prone to. It provides property coverage in case of damage because of theft, vandalism, or more. It can protect commercial property owners if a thief breaks in.

2.Product Liability

As a business owner, you'll have to invest a lot in product purchases for a large-scale sale. However, if there's a fault in the product, you'll land a lot of debt and loss. The product liability saves your business against any such circumstances that may arise.

3.Employee Benefits

Errors and omissions from employees can damage businesses significantly. The employee benefits can increase up to various types.

  • Health insurance plan
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Profit sharing, etc.

4.Worker's Compensation

These policies can help business owners get coverage if they have to provide wages and compensation to their workers in case of an injury at the workplace. It also applies to situations where employees are not at the workplace but sustain injuries when doing business-related tasks, such as meeting with clients.

5.Commercial Auto

Commercial auto policies are the ones that provide coverage for commercial vehicles such as taxis, cars, buses, etc. Commercial auto insurance is most popular with the transport industry and helps provide comprehensive coverage.


Umbrella insurance is the kind of policy that goes beyond standard auto, property, and watercraft insurance. These kinds of insurance provide comprehensive coverage to business owners.


This insurance policy is for commercial businesses that sell or distribute alcohol in the Parkland area. They cover claims of body damage, intoxicated customers causing damage, etc. It's one of the most crucial commercial insurance policies available.


Protect Your Commercial Business and Buildings with Parkland Commercial Insurance

Running a business can be a very challenging task, but the right kind of insurance policy can make it easier for you. Business owners need to know the suitable options for their commercial insurance in Parkland.

So, contact our professionals for the best commercial insurance policy at affordable prices if you want recommendations.

To learn more about Parkland, Florida commercial insurance coverage, call Direct Insurance Network today at (561) 820-8737.