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Homeowners Insurance in St. Petersburg


DIN helped us save a lot of money on our homeowners insurance! - Judy P., St. Petersburg Homeowners Insurance St. Petersburg

Homeowners insurance is an arm of property insurance targeting homeowners who need coverage for losses and damages to an individual’s property, alongside their furnishings and other assets on the property. A homeowners insurance in St. Petersburg provides liability coverage against accidents in the house or on the property.


How Homeowners Insurance in St. Petersburg Works

Homeowners insurance St. Petersburg policies usually cover 4 types of incidents that occur on the insured property. Whenever a claim is made on any of these incidents, the homeowner may need to pay a deductible, which is essentially the out-of-pocket cost for the insured.

Let’s say a claim is made for an insurance company for an interior water damage that has occurred in a house. The amount to revamp the house back to inhabitable conditions is calculated by the claims adjuster to be $15,000. If the claim is accepted, the homeowner is notified of the amount of their deductible, say 6,000, according to the details of the plan’s contract. The insurer will pay the remainder of the cost, which, in this case, is $9,000. The higher the deductible on the insurance agreement, the lower the annual or monthly premium payments on your St. Petersburg homeowners insurance plan.

Every homeowners insurance plan has a liability limit, which ascertains the amount of coverage the insured party should an unforeseen event occur. The usual limits of a homeowners insurance in St. Petersburg are usually set at $100,000, but the homeowner can choose a higher limit. If a claim is made, the liability cap declares the percentage of the coverage costs that will go toward fixing the damage to the property components, personal belongings, and costs to relocate, while the house is being repaired.

Speaking with a homeowners insurance St. Petersburg agent can help you start saving money today!.  Not only will you be educated on your options, but you can start shopping and comparing homeowners insurance St. Petersburg policies from all the major carriers and know that you have our qualified agents behind you every step of the way.

Homeowners Insurance in St. Petersburg

A force majeure or an act of God like floods or earthquakes are usually omitted from standard homeowners insurance policies. A homeowner who resides in an area prone to natural disasters like St. Petersburg may need to get special coverage to insure their property from earthquakes.

Other catastrophes that are not covered by a homeowners insurance plans in St. Petersburg include:

  • Mold development and pest infestation
  • Maintenance damage – including worn out plumbing, electrical networks, air conditioning units, heating units, roofing, etc.
  • Sewer backflow

However, most basic homeowners insurance plans in St. Petersburg provide coverage for events like hurricanes and tornadoes.


How to Get an Insurance Broker to Insure Your Home

Insurance brokers are professionals dedicated to understanding your unique needs so that they can get the best coverage for your home and family. Direct insurance Network agents will:

  • Explain all your homeowners insurance St. Petersburg coverage options
  • Find discounts and deals so that you can save cash on your home insurance premium.
  • Explain and understand the home claims process.
  • Protect your family’s future with life insurance plans that can help you pay off your mortgage


A Direct Insurance Network Homeowners Insurance Makes Life Easier

Speaking to DIN insurance agent gets you started on your way to much-needed homeowners insurance St. Petersburg coverage. Our brokers are well-versed in the intricacies of property insurance policies and will provide you with answers to ensure that every step you make towards landing a plan is memorable and rewarding. Contact us today to learn your eligibility, enrollment and coverage options. Call us today to get started.