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Having the right health insurance is a necessity in this modern age. There are numerous options available, and laws are changing frequently. You will need to work with a caring and dedicated health insurance agent to ensure you get a Delray Beach health insurance plan that provides proper protection for your family.

With healthcare costs increasing, you can’t afford to not have the right Delray Beach health insurance coverage. With health insurance, you will have proper access to the medical services and facilities that you need. Just one medical emergency can lead to financial devastation, so make sure you purchase the medical insurance coverage that you need.

If your employer doesn’t offer group insurance coverage, or if you are retired, a self-employed individual, student, or unemployed person, you will need to make sure you are covered and buy the right personal medical insurance coverage from a Delray Beach health insurance agent.

At Direct Insurance Network, we have highly knowledgeable and friendly insurance agents who will take the time to walk you carefully through the complicated process of choosing a Delray Beach health insurance plan that meets your needs. We will take the time to go over your needs and expectations, so we can present you with the most suitable options for your family.

Plans can differ greatly, but most Delray Beach medical insurance plans include surgical, hospitalization, and medical coverage and many include prescription coverage. Some plans might offer preventive healthcare services, such as immunizations, physicals, and routine exams. There are some plans with dental and/or vision benefits.

For your health insurance needs in Delray Beach, you can depend on the team at Direct Insurance Network to help you choose the best plan for your specific family needs and your individual situation.

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Delray Beach Health Insurance Options

Not all health insurance plans are the same. You have several Delray Beach medical insurance plans from which to choose:

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) necessitate members to go through your primary care provider (PCP) to get services. Your PCP must refer you to get services from another healthcare provider or specialist. This means less paperwork and lower costs for healthcare.

Fee-for-Service is a health plan that pays the medical professional for services provided. Patients choose their own provider, and claims can be filed by the provider or by the patient.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) are flexible, not requiring a PCP. The patient chooses any healthcare provider he or she wishes. The only catch is the provider must be in the PPO network. This means the insured pays out less for medical care.

Point-of-Service plans are a mixture the qualities of both PPO and HMO plans. They offer varying benefit levels and depend on if you get care from your provider network. HMO plans allow you to choose a PCP. Referrals are necessary to get care from specialists. If you choose care from a provider that isn’t in network, you will pay more out-of-pocket.  

Direct Insurance Network offers health insurance coverage throughout Delray Beach, Florida. To learn more about the options, call Direct Insurance Network’s health insurance agents at (561) 820-8737. 

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