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We are recommending DIN to all our friends and family for Condo insurance - Larry F., Ft. Myers FL Condo Insurance Ft. Myers

When you take the time to think about what is fun and enjoyable, you probably picture the beach, a blue ocean, BBQ’s, great food and breathtaking sunsets.

When the necessities of life are covered you have more time to enjoy these things.  Thinking about Ft. Myers condo insurance is rarely on a top ten list of awesome things.

But it should be!

Condo Insurance Ft. Myers

Having the right coverage for your condo insurance Ft. Myers, knowing that not only is your building protected but your assets and personal items are safe as well is a GREAT feeling!

When renting, buying or leasing a condo there was probably a list you made of what was important to you; location, size, amenities, and price.

A home is a sound investment and is a canvas that reflects your life and style.

Condominium insurance is also a sound investment and should tailor to your lifestyle and needs. For the best condo insurance Ft. Myers Florida company choose Direct Insurance Network.

Direct Insurance Network condo insurance Ft. Myers agents are experts in finding the exact right condo insurance.

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Who Are We?

Direct Insurance Network is a group of independent insurance agents who don’t work for one company, we work for you!

A Direct Insurance Network condo insurance Ft. Myers agent is a licensed expert that is not bound to one partner but is your personal and long term advisor.

Our focus and mission is to advise you on what policies give you the right coverage, to get you the best price, to make sure there are no gaps in coverage, and to make the complexity of insurance understandable.

The best thing about an independent agent is all the choices at your fingertips.

Why Condo Insurance Ft. Myers by DIN is So Highly Rated

We get to choose who we work with and aren’t obligated to pick one company over another.  

This ensures you get the best rates and customer service for your condo insurance Ft. Myers needs.

This provides you with the great opportunity to see what all your options are and find what is truly best, not just grabbing from a small pool of resources.

Another benefit is that our condo insurance Ft. Myers experts at Direct Insurance Network can offer many types of insurance besides condo insurance; this is part of the one stop shop type of experience that is universally loved.

We are here for you, from initial set up, filing a claim, adjusting your policy, add-ons, pricing adjustments, cancellations, and provide help to understand policy changes, explain what new options are available.

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What to Know

Condo insurance Ft. Myers will have two parts: The HOA insurance and the HO-6 insurance portion. This is essential knowledge because HOA insurance only covers the building itself, common areas and the land.

Your personal property, belongings and the unit itself are not protected by HOA insurance.

Even an HOA policy may have different types of coverage-one is all-in and the other is bare-walls in; the coverage is very different and neither will protect you against burglary, property damage, or someone is injured while in your home.

Let a Direct Insurance Network licensed condo insurance Ft. Myers agent work with you to understand how to get all the necessary coverage for the best price, so you can go back to digging your toes in the sand.