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Auto insurance is important. After all, state law requires all Florida drivers to maintain the proper liability coverage on their vehicles before they head out on the road. Auto insurance protects yourself and others in the event of an accident. You need coverage regardless of whether you are at fault for the accident, or whether someone else is to blame. Direct Insurance Network works with a network of the best auto insurance companies serving the area.

You are required to maintain liability insurance coverage on your vehicle. Liability insurance will pay for any property damage and physical injury that you may cause if you are at fault for an accident. There are several other kinds of car insurance coverage you can choose from as well. Direct Insurance Network will help you come up with the right car insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Car Insurance Coverage Options in Sunrise, Pompano Beach, Davie, and Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to making sure you have the right protection and the best possible insurance coverage, Direct Insurance Network has your covered. We will take the time to go over all your options then make sure we help you choose a plan that best suits your needs. Here are some details about your other auto insurance options:

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Collision Coverage – Collision coverage will pay for the damages your car sustains in an auto accident if you are at fault. There will be a deductible, which is the dollar amount you will pay out of pocket before insurance coverage takes over.

Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive coverage will pay to fix your car for damages sustained in situations other than collisions. This may include vandalism, theft, fire, flood, or storm damage. You will pay your deductible out of pocket then the insurance will take over.

Optional Coverage – Depending on your vehicle, the policy you buy, and the insurance company you choose, you might be able to buy some optional coverage as well. Some beneficial optional coverage might include towing and roadside assistance.

Experienced Insurance Agents You Can Trust in Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to getting the right auto insurance coverage in Pompano Beach, Davie, Sunrise, or Fort Lauderdale, you can count on the team of experienced insurance agents at Direct Insurance Network to help you determine the best insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Because we work with a network of the leading insurance companies, we can help you find the best coverage for your specific situation. Many of the insurers offer specific discounts, so we can go over the lists and determine all the ways you can save money to ensure you get the best possible rates.

Insurance coverage is important. It protects you and your assets if there is an accident. Take your car insurance needs seriously. Call the team at Direct Insurance Network today at (561) 820-8737 today to learn about your auto insurance options in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Sunrise, and Pompano Beach. 

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