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Boca Raton and Palm Beach County Annuities

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Boca Raton and Palm Beach County Annuities

It’s imperative to consider annuities when creating your financial plans for the long term, especially once you get closer to retiring. Annuities coverage offers you the ability for tax-deferred earnings and payments for the rest of your life.  Direct Insurance Network have trained consultants who can help with putting together a long term strategic retirement plan and inform you on how annuities will help to secure your financial stability.

Annuities Protection in Boca Raton

- Annuities can be categorized in various ways and groupings. This may include the way in which the premium is paid, tax status, pay outs and the reasoning for the annuity.

- Immediate Annuities are permanent, tax-deferred agreements you buy from a specific insurance company that offer immediate payments that will be paid on a regular basis in exchange for a one time investment. These types of payments may be fixed or variable and are guaranteed to last for the entire life of the receiver.

- The income annuity is immediately converted, even though the underlying amount may be variable investments or fixed. These payment amounts may vary over time and typically is bought with a one-time payment, by individuals who have already or will soon retire.

- Deferred Annuities is an annuity that only starts after a set amount of time has passed after the last premium purchase has been paid for. 

- Fixed Annuities are fundamentally CD-like investments provided by the insurance company. They pay a specified interest rate similar to bank CDs, and more often than not they may even pay a higher interest rate. This type of annuity can be immediate or deferred.

- Variable Annuities is a tax-deferred vehicle used for retirement which enables you to select from a variety of investments, and then disburses a set amount in retirement that is decided upon by the success of the investments that you decide to go with. Equate to a fixed annuity, which offers a promised payout. 

Direct Insurance Network understands that annuities are an important part of life which is why our trained staff is here to help you understand them and what your options are. With so much to read and understand we are here to ensure that you have complete control over the decisions that will impact your future and will help you to make a decision that will work for you long term.

Our main goal is to help you find the right annuity choices that will help make the retirement process a smooth one. Direct Insurance Network has extensive knowledge on how annuities work and can help you make the decision that will enhance your life for years to come. If securing your financial stability is the goal then contact us today.

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